December 2020 Newsletter

Chairman’s Corner

Merry Christmas to all IHF Veterans, family, volunteers and donors!

At this very special time of year we are very grateful to be able to serve our Hoosier heroes, it means so much to our terrific volunteers to see the smiles and hear the stories of those we serve. Speaking of stories, if you get to spend time with any Veteran, ask about their story. It may take some coaxing to get them to open up, but you will never regret listening. Many Veterans are so humble about their actions, but remember, without their service we would not have the freedom we cherish. It makes no difference how they served; a mechanic in Cleveland, a combat medic in the delta, an LST skipper off of Normandy, all served us with pride and selfless actions.

We remember those we lost, we serve those still with us, we honor all. Our flights and normal activities are still on hold, but we are encouraged by some of the recent developments. We continue to work with our national board of directors to make good, safe decisions for our local actions. We remain available to answer any questions, accept applications for both Veterans and volunteers and work to be ready to go once the all-clear is given! Go to our website (listed below) for easy access to applications, answers to our frequently asked questions, access to our flight photos and more!

Speaking of our website, if you find yourself in need of making a tax-deductible donation at the end of the year, we are honored to accept! You can securely donate on our “Donate” page by credit card or through PayPal. If you would rather send a check our mailing address is listed below. Indy Honor Flight is staffed entirely by unpaid volunteers and EVERY dollar goes to supporting our Veteran activities. Some charities spend an enormous portion of donations to pay staff and support facilities. We work out of our homes, for free, just like the trip we provide for wartime Veterans of WWII, Korea and Vietnam. We humbly ask for your support.

I won’t waste time talking about the issues we have faced this year-there is not one part of it we can control. What we can do is control our own attitudes. I am thrilled to be able to look forward to better times. As we prepare to celebrate my favorite time of year, I wish each of you good health, safe travels and a wonderful New Year!

See you in 2021!

In service,
Dale True, IHF Chairman


The Department of the Army issued orders yesterday to GEN S. Clause, recalling him to active duty, with a report date of today 24 Dec 20.
A reservist, with 1,742 years of service, this airborne Soldier specializes in vertical delivery of high-value items. He is airborne and air assault qualified. He is also a 46Q, Public Affairs Specialist.

Also recalled, were LTC Dasher, 1SG Dancer, MSG Prancer, MAJ Vixen, MAJ Comet, Chaplain (LTC) Cupid, SGT Donner, and PO1 Blitzen, an Individual Augmentee from the Naval Reserve, assigned to the Army. 2LT Rudolph is also authorized to report for duty; however, he must first successfully complete Land Nav training, which he has failed three times.
Although the above troops are on orders for only 24 hours, it is anticipated that they will submit DTS claim for 24,901 miles at .56/mile, using a POV. Suitable Government transportation is not available.

As a special operations unit, each member is granted a high level of uniform flexibility, as well as relaxed grooming standards. Per diem has been modified to include large quantities of hot cocoa and cookies.
Mega Hooah! and Mega Merry Christmas!

P.S. – Let’s ALL remember the men and women of our Armed Forces, as they serve in far away lands during this Christmas Season.

Laughter is the best Medicine!

We have our own YouTube Channel!

Check us out on YouTube! We created a channel where we will share video messages to our Veterans. Check out our series of exercise videos as mentioned above by our Chairman. They are short and sweet and easy to do! We have numbered them so you can do them in order. We promise it’s NOTHING like boot camp!!!!Let us know what you think!

Indy Honor Flight YouTube Channel

Shop Amazon and help IHF!

0 shopping days till Christmas!!!! But you can still help us going into 2021!

Did you know when you shop Amazon for all your holiday or daily needs you can help us fly our heroes too? Just shop Amazon Smile and they will donate a percentage of your purchase to us!!! Sign up for Amazon Smile and select Indy Honor Flight as the charity you support, that is all there is to it!


From Everyone at IHF Board of Directors we would like to thank our Volunteers for hanging in there this year. It was a year none of us saw coming. We appreciate all those that came out to the Avon Cruise In and hung out! All those that answered the call for cards and letters for some of our Veterans that needed a little extra cheer. We look forward to getting back to the curb and flying our Veterans. Until then just know that we are so very grateful for each and every Skittle on our ground crew, our Medics, our Photographers, our Bus Captains, and everyone else who has a hand in helping us honor our heroes.Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Dear Veterans,Get ahead of those New Year’s Resolutions!

We have an amazing opportunity for you! Please join IHF Volunteer Kathy Sheek for a FREE Yoga class. Don’t let the word YOGA scare you, this is a gentle flow class. Anyone can do it!

• Breathing practices for stress reduction, PTSD, depression & anxiety
• Gentle movement of joints and spine (seated and standing poses)
• Improved flexibility, mobility, strength, balance & posture
• Relaxation to end each class

Chair yoga is recommended for veterans, seniors, those recovering from illness or injury and those with limited mobility.

The class is a ZOOM class so you will not need to leave your home. Bonus you may even get to interact with some of you friends you haven’t seen in a while! If you are interested please reach out to Kathy at the email below for more information, just click on her email address to send her an email.

We hope that you take advantage of this class so that when we can be together again, we can do so as a healthier, stronger group!

Contact Kathy Sheek at MKSHEEK@HOTMAIL.COM for more information

IHF Out and About in 2020

  • All Flights grounded for 2020
  • All Monthly Meals Postponed
  • TENTATIVE – Flight #34 May 22, 2021

We aren’t going anywhere just taking all the necessary precautions to keep everyone safe!

We look forward to the time when we can be together again and get back to giving out those free hugs!

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